Hi all.

The following eBay auction highlights one of the BIGGEST failing in eBays auction page VIEW,

Over the years I have sent eBay comments on the lacking I am about to explain. I even add this comment in any survey eBay provides YET still they do NOTHING ! Why are they that high and mighty and uncaring ?

What I want to see is a FIELD or NOTE right up [B][just under/B] where one enters the bid amount for an auction, to indicate if the text or any condition of the listing has been added or edited by seller while auction is live.

Auction in point, eBay item number:163299824730

I saw this SC/MP system listed and read description. I felt it was not 'new never used' so messaged the seller. Item already had 7 bids. Seller takes onboard my comments and adds a Important Note that eBay puts at BOTTOM of listing. eBay does not provide any indication near the Top of listing that anything has changed with the listing.

You actually have to scroll down to bottom to view if a chance has been added. This is Wrong in my view, especially if you have already placed a few early bids and are just waiting till last minutes to place more.

OK one should scroll down and recheck, but how many of us do ?

What about those new to eBay that have never seen a auction text edited post a buyers question.

If you agree with my thoughts on what eBay needs to improve in this regard send to them

Details on the auction in question follows
A seller lists the item as 'New never used' but it clearly been 'used' in some way.

I send them a message about this point, and they add to listing ...

"On 12-Oct-18 at 23:24:00 AEDST, seller added the following information:
An important edit:

An observant eBay user has pointed out to me that this unit is unlikely to be Brand New as described. My apologies for that, I had been led to believe it was new by someone in the know. I am not in this industry at all and have no knowledge of such things. This kit comes from a family member who has passed away and we are cleaning out his place. A guy helping me with the volume of IT related stuff we are sorting said this was an important historical piece and that I should sell it to someone who would preserve it."

eBay item number:163299824730