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Thread: Getting started with Z80 assembly language on an Exidy Sorcerer.

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    All my Goteks are 1.44mb I think, but with flashfloppy firmware they support pretty much everything in a known format, I've used mine as 5.25" and 3.5" replacements, even oddities like Amiga ADF which it supports natively.

    Since I did that fact finding with the MF504C (where did you find the manual?!) I've since had a logic analyser on the major signals and pin 2 IS low, but the SS/ND jumpers are there so why not force it low just in case

    Currently I don't think I have a working image to test. The Gotek acts like it knows there's a disk present but unformatted. If I put an unknown disk in the MF504C the heads move in the same way. - UK home computer history
    Where RIFA capacitors come to die

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    I found the MF504C Installation manual here:

    Page 214 & 570 of

    I have not located the Schematic for the Floppy Disk Controller. That was why I asked about Pin 2's state.
    Perhaps you have access to the Floppy Disk Controller Schematic.

    I don't have any of my GOTEK's ready for CP/M just yet. That is my next step for Kaypro, Ampro Little Board, and Model 4 with Montezuma Micro CP/M.



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    Ah thanks for that, it seems the jumper settings are the same as the MF504B though the wording is slightly different. This is the manual for the FDC:

    I was slightly excited to find yet another imaging tool that may run on the Sorcerer but it needs 56K of TPA and my Sorcerer is only 48K. Grrr! Bottom of the Libdsk page: - UK home computer history
    Where RIFA capacitors come to die


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