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Thread: Hello from Yorkshire from a Commodore fan!

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    Default Hello from Yorkshire from a Commodore fan!

    Hi all
    Just joined the boards, and frankly I should have done years ago...

    My passion is Commodore stuff, especially the original Amiga: for me the 1000 and the following 500 are the biggest revolution in computing I've seen in one step. They still hold that place in my heart... And I was lucky enough to help edit Brian Bagnall's book "Commodore: The Amiga Years".

    My maintenance up until now has been mostly component replacement, but I'm getting more stuff that will take more knowledge to fix, whether cap replacement on SMT Amigas or fixing up the venerable PET 8032 that I've just acquired.

    The Commodore collection includes every Amiga model except the CD32, and the rather lovely but rare 3000T and 4000T, SX-64 (which is wonderful), 64, 128, 128D, vic20... And the occasional multiple.

    Thanks for the knowledge that's shining through here - I hope to contribute to it in a small way!

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    Welcome here from Australia,

    I own the very first Amiga 1000 Pal machine provided to me by Commodore 1 full month before release.

    Being a Commodore Hardware Developer, no 99 if I recall correctly, I did some minor circuit improvements to the Pal output, that were pasted back to production.

    I also made the first Pal Genlock/Encoder for the Amiga 1000.

    I may even still have a few that I never sold.
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    Welcome! Lots of Commodore expertise here.

    Please, put your location into your profile for future reference.

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    Welcome! I have a number of Commodore systems.
    Rick Ethridge


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