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Thread: Newbie MicroVAX 2000 owner

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    Default Newbie MicroVAX 2000 owner

    Hello everyone!

    I have a MicroVAX 2000, but I have nothing else with it except the harddrive it came with and some non decipherable card with text on it.
    I've opened it up out of curiosity twice, and probably misconnected some of the cables, however, I wouldn't know because I have no way of connecting it to anything.

    People on reddit have told me that I can use a serial cable to hook it up to a computer and then emulate a terminal, how exactly does this work? I think I have a regular serial cable lying around to use, but I don't know which port exactly is the serial port.

    There was also a box screwed in going into the port that outputted three phone modem looking plugs.
    I found the manual online once, but I can't seem to find it again.. I generally can't find alot of documentation.

    I can post pictures if need be.

    Help would be appreciated greatly!
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day,

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    The modem looking plugs are DEC MMJ plugs. Plenty of places where the pin outs are.

    Manual is here:-

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    I have put some useful info here. A good manual is the technical manual.

    Study pages 3-131 and 3-234. They cover the use of the printer port as console. I have mantioned it on my page above as well.

    Good luck!

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    I guess, based on your Nickname, you are from Germany? I do have some V2000 and I usally boot them remote into a standalone cluster as most of those came with small harddrives.
    I plan to install a dedicated VMS on one V2000 which came with an SCSI drive. So far I struggle getting a 512 MB SCSI Flashdrive to work. With that one working it would be a good candidate for fairs controlling my Märklin model train. It is fun to develop DCL scripts running a Digital model train with the same age.

    Saying that you can contact me in case you need further help. Option is also to substitute for a computer you more like. I have approx. 200 old computers sitting here.
    I prefer helping you as knowledge around those system should be spreed



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