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Thread: CP/M clone for OSI CIII - need help

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    Default CP/M clone for OSI CIII - need help

    I've been transcribing the source code for a CP/M clone for 6502, specifically written on an Ohio Scientific Challenger-3 system. The source and background can be found at

    My efforts have been, so far, focused on cleaning up the OCR from the scans and publishing the results to github here:

    I'd like to get some help in a couple of areas.

    1 - finish cleaning up the source, fixing OCR mistakes and any typos I have introduced myself.

    2 - somehow transferring and compiling the resulting source code on either an actual or emulated OSI C3.

    Volunteers and/or encouragement are greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds great. Hope you can get it working
    Try asking on the forums
    retro computing at: dead

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    retro computing at: dead

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