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Thread: UK (PeterFromSandhurst) with Bernoulli 220 query - fm Petroni

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    Smile UK (PeterFromSandhurst) with Bernoulli 220 query - fm Petroni

    Hi all,

    I am struggling to find a working Bernoulli box (under and over type) in the UK.

    I have a legal issue (land boundary dispute) with a very nasty person. I have several 10mb & 20mb from around 1990ish that may have some useful stuff on them.

    My wife is currently searching the loft for both the drive and the discs but even if I find them I lack the interface to connect/read them.

    The files are possibly as early as dos 3.3 era and written in a word processor software called Professional Write (I think authored by the people that made Harvard Graphics). I cannot recall the last interface I used but it would have been either an IBM XT or and early IBM PS2/60.

    Anyone have any suggestions or contacts that might point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance

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    Assuming the disc cartridges are not degraded I have the ability to read them and copy the contents for you. You might also be able to find somebody closer to you who can perform this service.

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    Many thanks Mike, my lovely wife is still trying to locate the discs but they are wrapped up tight and not obvious among the 32 years of assorted 'stuff' in our loft. If I also find the 220 drive I will gladly give it to any party who can make use of it if you know of someone on this side of the pond. Best Peter


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