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Thread: Plz help 8.6Gb HDD on a 486DX4100????

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    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post
    DDO = Dynamic Disk Overlay - a program designed to work with larger hard drives than the BIOS normally permits. Ontrack's Disk Manager which I linked to was one of the more popular implementations. Some drives included a disk with a similar program. is the official information. The options I see won't help if you are stuck to 16 heads and 1024 cylinders meaning the largest capacity drive the BIOS supports is a little over 500 MB.
    I'm now formatting the drive with Ontrack's dm with full capacity
    the original drive is a seagate 1.2Gb working perfectly

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    I formated the drive with Ontrack's DM and then I could boot from it "drive c:" after disabling 32bit data transfer from BIOS hhhh
    then I could boot win95 start up disk and now I'm formating drive c: with it at full capacity
    hope it works


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