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Thread: LC575 board and now have a Mystic upgrade - How to get a System 7.1 Boot disk

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    Default LC575 board and now have a Mystic upgrade - How to get a System 7.1 Boot disk

    Hi everyone - had the chance to visit VCF East earlier this year and talk with some very knowledable folks about Classic Macs. I also have a Color Classic and the logic board was very corroded. Luckily I was able to purchase an LC575 board and now have a Mystic upgrade.
    However, I can’t boot into the system because the internal drive has system 7.0, and apparently the Mystic upgrade requires System 7.1 with some enablers according to what I’ve been reading.
    Any idea how I would go about making a boot disk with the correct System 7.1 version and the enablers? Ideally I would like to install that on the internal drive as well.

    Thanks very much!

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    If you have a PC DOS-based computer, you can use this to create a 1440K 3.5-inch disk that can boot Mac OS 7.5. This should boot the LC 575.

    When I used to support the #macintosh group on IRC, this is the disk image we used to send to people.

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    You'll want System Enabler 065, which you can download from . This will let 7.1 boot fine (my Mystic CC boots 7.1 with this enabler quite happily).
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    I recommend System 7.1.1 Pro (make sure to install the System 7 Update.) For non-PowerPC machines, it has all the functionality of System 7.5, but all those pieces are installed as separate components. That means you can slim it down to just a few MBs, or beef it up with functionality.

    It's my go-to 68k OS for System 7 capable machines.


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