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I didn't have any problem with my SCSI2SD card, which may actually be running V4.7.1. It was attached to the 4000/60 in an external enclosure with the terminator at the external enclosure. I was able to successfully initialize it as an ODS-2 volume, mount it and copy files to it without any errors.
I believe my V5 and V5.1 cards are running V4.8.1 and the V6 card is running V6.2.0 firmware. The VAX 4000/90a was built up from CDROM distribution V6.1 VMS and the MV3100-80 is running V6.2 VMS that was taken from an old disk drive that was on that system. I am looking for a good way to mount the cards so if anyone has had some good ideas it would be great to hear about them. There are some nice 3D printed frames to mount in 3 inch bays but I'd like to be internal to the MicroVaxes.