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Thread: Commodore 386SX-25 - Pictures

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    Default Commodore 386SX-25 - Pictures

    I got a Commodore 386SX-25 equipped with:

    6MB RAM (4MB was original)
    42MB Conner CP3000 ATA HDD
    1.44MB 3,5" Floppy
    Cirrus Logic CL-GD5402 VGA with 512k video RAM (which is a AVGA2 after bought by cirrus)
    Chipset VLSI VL82C311.

    I have a spare SoundBlaster CT4170, an AD1848 and an ESS688 (IIRC the last one). One of this will work in this machine and goes in there. LAN is still missing.
    Also I have some spare configurable ISA controllers to add a second IDE port for CD-ROM. Also a second hard disk goes in there. The 42MB conner I want to replace with a CF-IDE as the conner still has no bad sectors, don't want to waste this disk by endless standby-running.

    I wonder how much effort it takes to teach PCem this machine, if i take the ROM dumps. If that chipset is already in there, it shouldn't be too hard.

    I am just about to compile a 2.6.x Linux Kernel for this machine and build a rootfs - which is not easy because of dropped 386 support a few years ago. Not easy to get an old gcc up and running...

    All the pictures I have taken in big resolution are here:
    And here's a short video:
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    The case is very similar to that of the Amiga 4000. They were probably both from the same manufacturer.

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    Now I finally found a keyboard in my mess and got into BIOS SETUP and more.
    Here I attached a picture of BIOS Setup (Award 4.20).

    Also I dumped the ROMs (BIOS and Video BIOS). Is it OK to attach here for public or not okay?


    I also made a few short videos:
    PacMan Clone Graphics scrambled, but still playable:

    Turbo Button makes a big difference (SYSCHK measuring speed):

    Driving Dr. Sbaitso crazy with bad language:


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