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Thread: Acumos - Cirrus Logic, when did first CL branded chips arrive at market?

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    My single AVGA2 based board, a noname board, has a date code of 9204
    Collection online nonstop since May 1997:

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    If no one shows up with a datecode between 9230 (AVGA2) and 9234 (CL) I think we have tracked down the change very exactly. I assume production wouldn't have stopped just because the company was sold. The must be some cards produced in those 4 weeks and some day they changed the logo.

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    If you insist on finding the exact date, search for other Acumos/CL chips too.
    AFAIK there were three Acumos chipsets rebranded to CL:

    AVGA1 -> CL-GD5401
    AVGA2 -> CL-GD5402
    AVGA3 -> CL-GD542x

    But I don't think there were any "AVGA3" chips released, Acumos probably didn't make it before the aquisition.
    However, there's plenty of cards named "AVGA3" with CL-GD542x chips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xacalite View Post
    there's plenty of cards named "AVGA3" with CL-GD542x chips.
    I have such a card, which is 9428 - almost one year after the change.
    But I will do with the VGAMUSEUMs photos. Maybe some users have also some more dates...

    This card is somehow slower than the onboard 5402. If interested in results, see this comment and the following two (I have made em, results of benching my cards):


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