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Thread: M847 extended edition > Bootloader in PDP style !

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    Looks like you have the bootstraps covered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
    Looks like you have the bootstraps covered.
    Thanks for checking!

    I've added the Digikey order numbers to the part list. You can find them
    in the "M847 extended version V1.1 component list Digikey.xls" at Github.

    There are 4 parts not needed to place. Just optional, I've noted that in the list as well...
    If you place all the parts (without the not needed parts) the total is $26.98

    To be honest, it would be great if Digikey could sell the ATMEGA328 with the Arduino bootloader in it.
    I've put in the bootloader myself with another Arduino board. I can make a little tutorial on how to do that.

    But you can buy them programmed here in electronic shops for just a little more than the not
    programmed versions. And you can get them programmed at Ebay as well under $2...

    Flashing the bootloader is just a one time action. After that you can
    upload the M847 firmware trough the serial port on the board.

    Regards, Roland
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