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Thread: Apple II-clones

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    They claimed that Mediterranean Fruit Fly's (Hence Med Fly) ate apples. Yup she's definately another clone.

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    Taiwan never respected the U.S.' copyright and trademark laws - especially during the 1970s thru 1980s. Leading up through maybe the mid-1980s, much of the Taiwan-based manufacturing were really under the radar, and the U.S. couldn't do much about it at the time.

    I was a ROM-BIOS engineer (clean room) at Phoenix Technologies during the mid-1980s to early 1990s, and saw first-hand the cloning of both Apple II and IBM PCs (although possibly other platforms were cloned, my interests were only A2 and IBM a the time.) And during my time, Phoenix made a huge amount of money off the Taiwanese whenever their computers were stuck in U.S. customs because of IBM. And each time that happened, my routine was to jump onto an airplane with a translator and sales engineer, fly to Taipei and negotiate a deal with the company. During my trips, I even had lunch one day with Stan Shih (sp?) who owned Acer and was at the time the Steve Jobs of Taiwan. Great guy with great insight on the whole cloning business and where IT was heading.

    By all means, changing of companies was not a good business model for these Taiwan-based manufacturers, as may of them were fly-by-night businesses - shut down as Company A, pop back up as Company B, and continue cloning in order to avoid the local government. This may explain, as others have indicated why these clones didn't exactly try to make a name for themselves, and didn't burn their identities onto the hardware. Only company that really came out ahead of the cloning of any platform and with any legitimacy was Acer, but even they got hit in the late 1980s when IBM abandoned the AT platform and switched to micro channel. Fortunately, the clone manufacturers were no longer actually "cloning" per se, once IBM bailed from AT, and the clone companies stuck to the AT platform which down the road prevailed and beat out micro channel, hence the name change from "IBM clone" to "AT-compatible."

    Although a vast majority of the A2 clones were "Plus" computers and not "IIe," some interesting things came out of it. In particular, the keyboards separated the key switch table from the keyboard encoder, easing the process of changing the keyboard layout just by swapping EPROMs. Basis Computer did the same thing, but went even further by coming out with switchable character ROMs. I also liked the idea of the ROMs being on a separate card for ease of upgrading. Personally, it is advancements like these why I prefer clones over genuine Apple IIs, particularly the Basis 108 and the Franklin 1000/1200 in particular. Those are my favorite systems to date, and I own both of them.

    I'm also from Hawaii, and because of our close relationship to Asia, I did see many Taiwanese A2 clones within both our user group and at the stores. Of course, the schools here didn't have clones since the computer had to be electrically certified for the schools to even buy them.

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    Interesting things here. Very interesting. It's clear there's no way to 'brand' these clones. However, I do have a clone which I know the brand of. It's a Dutch one called 'Bimex'. I got it from a guy who bought it as a Bimex computer, but in reality it was an Apple II+-clone. In 1984 Apple sued Bimex computers for cloning and they won, resulting in all Bimex computers (sold and unsold) should be given to Apple to be destroyed (with a 50.000 guilders per offence if they didn't). This last part was revoked later, but it was too late for Bimex and they went under.

    The sole remainder (as far as I'm aware) of this Apple II-clone is now in the hands of the HomeComputerMuseum.

    But again, hard to see the difference from the other clones apart from the story from the previous owner and the fact it doesn't have a numeric keypad. And I have the newspaper prints from 1984 telling this story to back it up

    Thanks for the answers
    I have a few computers and only have 612m2 for computers.

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    The two plus had a header for a numeric keypad as well, header a bit like the joystick one. It was a strange external thing, just swinging loose, no attachment to mount it on anything. Not sure whatever happened to mine.

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