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Thread: What is a Lisa worth as parts ... like, in a box

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    I'd be fine with buying a damaged Lisa for the simple reason of the challenge to repair it. I wouldn't pay a lot for it, but I'd base the price on how complete it was.

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    It's worth to try but in exchange it will be expensive I think but nothing beats the feeling when you finally fix that vintage beast.

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    I worked on a small newspaper 30 years ago. He bought a refurbed Lisa with Mac XL installed that we used for typesetting, graphics and layouts. When he retired it and moved back to the family farm, he "stored" it in one of his old cars. He used his numerous old cars for sheds, lol! I imagine he still has the sun-baked and frozen Lisa still knocking around.

    Now there's a resto challenge for ya!

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    According to my tracker you can expect $350-600 for a non working Lisa, minus keyboard and mouse. Some with higher BINs have fetched even more. I'm not sure why... Lisa 2s aren't as rare as people think. There are always a half dozen or so on ebay. But still... you can get good money for one, even as parts.

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    I have the kb. And I should have a Hard drive. Can't seem to find it. Hard drives usually don't just walk away ...

    One with the mouse but no kb just went for 800$.


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