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Thread: Toshiba 310cds Laptop

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    Default Toshiba 310cds Laptop

    So I got myself a new little project.... Just couldn't help myself.

    Its the Toshiba 310cdt Laptop.

    Few odd problems with it:

    First, the screen, even though its a passive matrix (puke I know) seems very dark and doesn't contrast as much as I think it should. Even when I adjust the contrast knob, this is the best I can get. Seems very dark. Look at the glare from the cloudy sunlight through the window. Can't even make out the screen. Even my old t1910cs has a better screen.

    Second, The computer will shut down randomly while running. Just as if someone pulled the power plug and its all off at once. Doesn't matter if its in windows, dos, or mid boot. It can happen anytime. It will seem to not happen as often if I take out the battery and run completely off AC power. Capacitor issue on the power board inside the laptop? I did check the power supply and its putting out a good 15.8V (rated at 15V).

    Third, the windows 98 startup sound just randomly chimes during windows. I believe it to be completely software related and a reinstall of Win95 should cure it, but I thought I would mention it in case its related to the other two issues.

    Anyone have any ideas where to go from here?


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    Backlight is failing. See if you can to an LED mod.

    Check for CMOS battery leakage

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    1. Screen seems a little orange in the picture. Usually a failing backlight tube is a purple, but I've seen orange. It could be that, or it could be a power issue.
    2. Definitely check the caps. Might even help the backlight. Usually caps are for filtering something, so it could still be unstable power, especially under load (like charging a 20 year old battery).
    3. It could be related, but it's not likely. It's almost 100% software.
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    Great thanks guys. Backlight seems to be the concensus. Wonder if there is an LED mod for this particular old model, or if I have to make it myself.


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