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Thread: PS/2 keyboard to 5V parallel keyboard

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    Default PS/2 keyboard to 5V parallel keyboard

    On another thread, I'd said that I'd create some code for the Blue Pill ( a STM32F103 on a small board that cost about $3 on ebay or others ).
    I've mostly finished it. Although, one can buy a kit for around $15 and I believe a finished unit for around $20, this is much cheaper. One only needs 10 pullup resistors and some wiring. No additional PC board is needed. It needs a 5V source to run the blue pill and keyboard.
    It doesn't have all the features of the other but does what is needed.
    Right now the code doesn't run as a turnkey but that should only be a minor edit. One doesn't need a loader as would be used with the Arduino EDI as the code is used in place of the loader and must be loaded as though it were the loader( no lost 512 bytes for a loader ).
    It only currently uses the main keyboard, control, shift and shift lock keys. The F keys, number pad keys and such can be added but it is primarily to replace an original type parallel keyboard ( I know a few came with number pads but most didn't ).
    If the machine that it is connected to has a program to send keys to its monitor output, there is a key sequence to drop into the EFORTH that is running on the STM32F103, using the PS/2 keyboard to talk to it. Much of the FLASH is unused and could be hot patched with other functions.
    If anyone is interested, the code is up on github ( look for BlueForth ). I can program blue pills if sent with a self addressed post paid return package and instructions as to if you'd like it to be turnkey or if you'd like to boot to the EFORTH on the serial ( 3.3V ) port. If there are not a lot that want them, I'll program them for free. If it is a flood, I'll come up with a reasonable charge. Also, if it is 5 years later and you suddenly decide you need it, I don't know how it will be treated.
    PM me with what you want. If you can't figure out the github stuff I can help with that as well.
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