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Thread: Home-brew Apple II Clone Found

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    Default Home-brew Apple II Clone Found

    I went to a Hamfest and stumbled upon this. I was not sure what it was at first and stopped to check it out closer. To my surprise it was an Apple II clone. It shows its age on the out side, but the inside was real clean. This will be a fun restoration project! Here are some pictures of it.


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    Thats an amazing find...

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    About 25 years ago, I knew a guy who was trying to get rid of an Apple II clone with the monitor built into a wooden box. It was one of the ugliest computers I had ever seen, but now I wish I owned it

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    Very cool looking! Is the keyboard wrapped in vinyl?

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    Looks to be a linear power supply. Must be heavy! I actually prefer linear over switching power supplies, as they're a lot easier to troubleshoot.

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    It looks to be a vinyl leather. I will go through this before powering it up.

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    I'm not into apples but that is neat.
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    Oooo, vintage blue cap keyboard. Looks snazzy.

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    That motherboard looks like the same kind that is in my clone (has extra perfboard spots in a couple of places).

    Could you post some higher resolution images? Note that this form software does not allow individual file attachments larger than 99k, so larger images get resized down.

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    I will see what I can do about the pictures.

    This is the first and only apple product for me. If it had not been so interesting I would not have bought it. Also I thought the asking price was too good to pass up!


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