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Thread: IBM 3179 Model 000

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    Default IBM 3179 Model 000

    I'm looking at an IBM 3179 (apparently coax) terminal for sale, and the IBM-printed tag on the logic unit says:

    I.D. NO 3179 D2617
    PART NO 5954160
    DATE 10/85
    MOD 000
    PLT 88

    Model 000? I'm not aware of this one. I know of models 1 (-100), 2 (-200), and the G series.

    Does anyone know anything about this model? Is it equivalent to a model 1 (which can act as Control Unit Terminal for a 3174-22L)?


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    Never mind... someone else bought it 30 minutes ago while I was researching this. Dang it to heck!!!

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    ...and I have a pretty good idea of what happened, too.

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    Given your previous discoveries, remember you are dealing with animals. If a unit comes up and it has the keyboard, do not under any circumstances hesitate because they WILL find it and cost is no barrier to them.
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    Indeed on BOTH points.

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