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Thread: Are Dallas DS12887A & DS12887+ interchangeable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwathen View Post
    Is it viable to mod a chip in place?
    My answer is a hesitant *maybe*, if you have steady hands and a fine point drilling tool but if you slip you risk damaging your motherboard. Here's a small album of one I did for a machine where the necessary pins are blocked by the RAM card so I removed and socketed it just in case I need to do anything later again.

    The points you need to shave off and solder to are ~2-5mm above the board and the disconnect hole is about 7mm above, so doable

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    I have far from steady hands and it was no problem doing things in place, so long as there's enough clearance to get a small burr bit in. As I mentioned, I used a Foredom flexible-shaft tool with a burr. A Dremel at slow speed should do the job quite well--the epoxy is soft and the pins make their appearance quite well during the process. Just go slowly the first time. There are plenty of guides on the web to help you along. Worst case is that you mess the chip up, in which case, you can unsolder it and install a new one.


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