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Thread: Hi, from Perth Australia

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    Default Hi, from Perth Australia


    My name is Matt and I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I'm getting just shy of 40 and I am a mad vintage computer collector/user. Growing up in the 80's was a great experience and feel like it was truly the start of the computer revolution.

    About 15 odd years ago I started to collect old computers but seems to be a bit hard to find in WA. eBay is a good source, but some of the stuff people are selling is ridiculously priced! Might be what it's worth these days, not sure, but end of the day something is worth what someone is willing to pay. Over the time I've been collecting I've managed to score a 3270 PC (basically a 5160 with a host connect card) which is probably my most prized piece and then got vic20, c64's, amiga 500's, 286 (well sort of the motherboard battery had a pretty bad accident :/ ) 386dx33, 486dx4, etc... and a few vintage gaming units.

    Been spying on this forum for quite a while but thought I'd finally join up, not because purely I wanted to ask a question (check out PCs and Clones) but because I want to also help out where I can to other people who are interested in vintage computers.

    Thanks for reading this and look forward to helping out where I can and being helped out where you can!


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    You have quite a collection. Greetings from North America.
    Rick Ethridge


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