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Thread: Epson PX-8... dead or alive?

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    Default Epson PX-8... dead or alive?

    Hello to All,

    I just put my filthy hands (which song "filthy hands" do remind you?) on a PX-8.
    The first turning on gave no results.
    So I removed the internal battery and, as a result, I received a central black horizontal line on the screen.
    I unmounted the back cover and removed a serial cable (standard db9) that was soldered in place of the original connector and, as a result, i received a complete black screen.
    The keyboard works and I can light the leds.
    Now, when I turn on the computer I see what follows:
    it start completely black;
    after some seconds some vertical lines remains pitch black while the remaining part of the monitor becomes lighter and lighter;
    after some other seconds I see strange shapes...
    Something is happening but I do not understand what.

    Does anybady have some ideas on how to save the PX-8?

    Thank you

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    Turn of events! I was looking over the internet for some help and I found a thread about a very easy to solve possible issue...
    A issue related to the video connector cable that could have become loose... and that was the issue.
    Now the screen is perfect.
    I receive an error about the need of recharging the battery... that I have removed! But I hope that a manual can help!


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