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Thread: The First "Home Computer Printer"

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    Quote Originally Posted by falter View Post
    The wiki on the 101 says it was 155 *pounds*? If you were bringing one home, I hope you had a friend... and a very strong table.
    They were pretty heavy beasts, we used a portable hand truck when we needed to take one to the shop or elsewhere. And a sturdy table for sure, the print head return was very strong, and at one site a 101 on a table poked a hole in the adjacent drywall from the movement of the whole thing on every carriage return.

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    I did some more checking and the one I had was a 306, not a 101 or 102.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    The point is that this was unlikely to be used as a "home" printer, non?
    Well, my first printer was also a 101, connected to my 1977 2001 PET with a 50 foot parallel ribbon cable that violated all specs but worked without problems. Needed that long a cable because the 101 was so noisy and shook so much that it had to go in the basement while the PET was upstairs.

    Before cheap personal printers came along most folks used surplus commercial ones.

    I've got a couple of unusual early home printers but unfortunately no name plates.

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    Hence my use of a Hitype I. External power supply with fans and the noisy typewheel sound. Got a good deal on it because it had only the 12-bit OEM interface (you had to work out how to move the carriage in software).

    Diablo also made a dot-matrix printer that was deafening. But nothing like a high-speed train line printer with the hood open. Drum printers, on the other hand tended to sound more like machine guns.

    Was it Canon that made a pen printer that could even add subtle variations to resemble handwriting?


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