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Thread: Epson PX-8 without battery.

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    Default Epson PX-8 without battery.

    Dear All,

    now that my PX-8 seems working I have to find a way to use it.
    Reading manuals, sites and other resources, I have the idea that the PX-8 ONLY works if the main battery have "some" charge!
    I read in the manual that if the voltage of the main battery is below 4.7V the computer turns off!
    Obviously the main battery of my PX-8 is completely dead!
    Have I understood well or there is a way to force the PX-8 not to check the main battery charge so that it can run only with the external PSU?

    Thank you

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    Your PX8 is very similar to my HX-20 in this regard. Everything I've read about the HX is that the battery is, in effect, part of the charger circuit, which will not function without the battery there. I suspect that the PX is the same.

    However, you just need some sort of battery. The original batteries for my HX are long gone, and now difficult and expensive to replace. I'm just using some external batteries, slightly larger, as I don't try to do much 'portable' with the HX. But I could just as easily use a set of smaller batteries that will fit inside, and consider that the batteries are there JUST to allow the adaptor to be used.

    My batteries were NiCD, and they had partic charging parameters. The ones I use now are NiMH, and their charging parameters are I think slower, but if you're always using the machine while charging then this shouldn't matter. I always have mine charging while I'm using it.


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    I fear you are right!
    Now I have found round batteries of 1.2V each with the same diameter than the original pack and with the lenght the half!
    So I suppose that 4 of them are in the pack...
    I am looking for them somewhere...


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