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Thread: I got my PiDP-11 kit in

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    First, most Model T's did not have electric equipment. No battery, generator/starter. That equipment didn't become popular until the middle twenties. Then the generator was only good for 80 watts max. But if you could get past the power aspect, it would be quite neat.

    I have not worked on the telescope drive for nearly a year. The main drive was giving me trouble, which resulted in taking to much computer resource to control it. At that time I decided to make a dedicated control for the drive, which the computer would command. I don't want to take over this thread, maybe later this year I'll pull out all that stuff again. Mike

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    Will I hope you DO start a thread on your telescope exploits! I love astronomy almost as much as I love poking around computers.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the soldering, it's just I've never been that interested in coding. Truth is I was never able to pick it up, much as I've have tried over the years.

    Though learning Fortran might be a bit of fun lol

    Did someone say WordStar? On the pdp8?????
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    I believe early Model T's had an "buzz-box" vibrator-induction-coil setup. So yes, a battery, though not a secondary (rechargeable) one--six No. 6 dry cells. Detail


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