I'm sorry this is a phenomenal deal. I have a lesser version, 16gb was 17$+tax shipped! You'd need a minimum 550 watt eps12v. p/s, preferably dual rail but not necessary. I bought 2 used x5450s for 22$ shipped. The original whatever Xeon I bought was 3.75$ shipped. Not state of the art, but considering with 2 upper Xeons this Mobo approaches a modernish CPU build - no not state of the art, it's an amazing deal. And new in the box.

Don't even bother buying a case lol. Just nail it to the wall and point a desk fan at it. Heatsinks or heatsink and fans are another issue, sometimes you can find deals. All in all it's a total steal. Try and find another nib Mobo on eBay for under 20$ shipped. It will take some effort to produce a proper build though.