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Thread: Would this keyboard be ASCII?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    Of course, featured prominently on the keyboard collecting scum site

    the third message in is:

    "Have you managed to convert it to USB?"
    Hey! I just happened to be one of those scums in that thread.... I mean... one of those posters.

    Quote Originally Posted by falter View Post
    I have just grey and black. I got two of them for $50ish each I think years ago. Also have a UNIVAC 'chiclet' keyboard I bought on impulse. Not sure what it belonged to.
    Is that UNIVAC 'chiclet' keyboard one of these:

    If so, I'd love to buy it from you. I'd pay you a pretty penny for it. (...just a single, very pretty penny. You should see this penny. It's beautiful. )

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    you have a DCT500 keyboard ca. 1972

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    If that one has the same feel as the one on the Univac keypunch of about that era, you wouldn't like it--at least I didn't when I used the keypunch back in the day. It was weird--you entered the card data which was displayed on an LCD display, then you hit "FEED" and they card is punched all at once. Definitely not the feel of an IBM 029--was very light with little-to-no-tactile feedback.

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    I have that UNIVAC keypunch keyboard - and it's Micro Switch SW, so it's not bad. There is also another earlier version that has individual old-style micro switches that weren't as good.

    The UNIVAC keyboard I showed, however, is different. It's very clicky and uses magnets and big metal washers.

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    I've got an old keyboard that I used to use. It is ASCII parallel. It used magnets and reed switches. The problem is that the magnets have come unglued. Doing even simple repair would require unsoldering the entire keyboard.
    It is in one of my old boxes of stuff, someplace.


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