Proud owner of this beastly combination...

4KIUAiWb.jpg The battery still works! Featuring a 386 25MHz, 8MB RAM, 200MB HDD, 640x480 greyscale LCD (2810) Running Windows 3.11 for Workgroups

gbY8TEkb.jpg Sexy backside shot. Serial, Parallel, VGA, Expansion, Audio, Power

v83QxZSb.jpg OOPS! I accidentally UN-portableized it.

w8pWu0mb.jpg Look at that beast. 1.5x 5.25" drive bays

CQkVxzyb.jpg Industrial eject lever, phat power switch

1KedgxKb.jpg Meaty backside. Serial, 2xPS/2, Parallel, VGA -- ISA Network card (10Base2, AUI)

f30G1Wqb.jpg Had to disassemble the thing to get to the CMOS battery, I only had CR2032 on hand so I made it fit.
The case is entirely snap-together. Once inside I had to unscrew the keyboard and then everything just falls out