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Thread: IBM 5150 early revision in 220/230V??

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    Default IBM 5150 early revision in 220/230V??

    Hi guys,

    Been wondering about something for some time now: I can't really figure out if there ever was a 230V (European) version of the early IBM 5150... you know, the one with the black PSU etc. I've sold my IBM collection (unfortunately, gone is the PC, XT, AT, luggable etc) and I was thinking "well, if I ever wanted another IBM just for collection, it'd be one of those early black PSU, black expansion card bracket models". I think I have seen a picture of a black PSU with a sticker 220V on it (minuszerodegrees IIRC), but all the 16-64KB models I see coming up are always 110/115V and not switchable to 220V.

    Just wondering.... and because I miss my 5150/5151 But sometimes things need to happen... but I do still have my PS/2 Model 30 286 (3 systems with 4 PS/2 screens), kept them as I think they're just too cute (and actually really silent!).

    Y'all have a good one now!
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    As I know, very early IBM PC's with black PSU and red sticker was only in 110-115V version. Later versions with yellow sticker was also in 220V version. Switchable PSU's was only on later models (5155, 5170)
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