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Thread: jumbly video card

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    Default jumbly video card

    Is there any obvious reasons why a video card, in this case a Tandy deluxe text adapter, displays jumbled up text? I rently obtained 3 of these, 2 work fine (with VM-1s or a Taxan 635), the 3rd won't behave. I mean you can tell the text is there as it apears. Just wondering. Sounds like a memory rblem,but what doesnt.

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    The exact type of jumbling will give a better idea of what the problem is. Can you post a picture? If characters are appearing in the wrong places, my guess would be some issue addressing the display RAM, either the RAMs are bad or the CRTC address outputs are bad, or the etched traces from one to the other are damaged. If the characters are in the right places but each symbol is garbled, maybe your font ROM has a problem.


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