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Thread: Which CP/M for a new port: 2.2 or 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Software 2000 never published source, and the versions that are out there are generally keyed to certain hardware. Still, rehosting it on other hardware would make for an interesting project.
    I did a port to the TRS-80 Model 4. I didn't have a lot of documentation so it may not have been complete or optimized but it did boot and I could programs. I don't remember it being very difficult but that was 30+ years ago. I don't think I still have the source but I do have a bootable disk image somewhere.

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    I found a screenshot I took of the disk image booted in TRS32:


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    ZSDOS looks very cool, but IIUIC, it's just a CP/M 2.2 BDOS replacement, right? Which means that it's agnostic to the BIOS. So I wouldn't be porting specifically for ZSDOS, but instead be doing a generic 2.2 BIOS and then it'd just work.

    Having looked more at the 3 features, I do like them. I have to use 512 byte PC-compatible sectors anyway; the NC200 boot process reads a file off a distorted FAT filesystem. This means I need deblocking, and 3 does this in the BDOS for me, so I don't need to bodge it into the BIOS. My 128kB system looks like a perfect match for CP/M 3. But I'll admit that boot process doesn't make me happy, and the BIOS looks way more complex.

    I think I'll target 2.2 at first, as it looks drastically easier, and then think about 3. Apart from anything else I'll need a decent monitor in the supervisor because I'm sure I'll need to debug this, and there's a respectable amount of work there. (The bitmapped screen with 6-pixel wide characters isn't helping.)

    Next things I need: a decent Z80 macro assembler, and a CP/M vi...

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    A good companion BIOS for ZSDOS is B/P BIOS at

    But, yes ZSDOS is a BDOS replacement.
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    Not to be too trite, but once you've replaced CP/M BDOS, what's left? The user has to write the CBIOS anyway, which leaves a grab-bag of a few utilities, most of which have more-capable third-party versions.


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