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Thread: fastest socket 775/771 uP

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    Default fastest socket 775/771 uP

    I came to the realization that this HP Compaq DC7600 p4 unit has a socket 775 mobo. So I ordered a conversion kit (775>771), and being I have a spare Xeon, I'd give it a go. Couldn't help but wonder how far I could push this. The unit even has a low profile x16 pci-e slot.

    Is this bios likely to work? You also have someone in Canada with 775>771 bios upgrades. Would that likely work in an HP regardless?

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    Not all Socket 775 motherboards are created equal. Nor are all Socket 771 motherboards, for that matter. You'll have to find out what MB you have, which chipset, which BIOS rev, and look up its supported CPU specs. Socket 775 went from P4 all the way through Core 2 Quad, and most P4 775 MB's will not handle anything past Pentium D, and some 775 boards won't go past single-core P4's. Not all 775 boards can handle the 771 Xeon, either.

    Likewise Socket 771. Netburst-capable motherboards likely won't support Core or Core 2 based Xeons, and maybe not even the dual core Dempsey, even though it's Netburst core.
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    HP - Probably not. Generally locked down to only work with a limited pool of chips.

    A lot depends on which specific chipset and HP modifications to figure out what chips can run on that motherboard. That includes whether the motherboard can handle the 130+w of the 3+ GHz top end quad cores. There were a lot of variations on the Socket 775 platform with many idiosyncratic behaviors and I don't know of a source to verify it all.

    The fastest 771 is Xeon X5492; the similar fastest 775 was Core 2 Extreme QX9770 which was 200 MHz slower (or about 6%).

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    Ok. The x5492 won't even work in my 771 Mobo. So I didn't mean that fast . Oh well, this experiment only cost me 2.09$. those tears shouldn't last very long.


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