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    Hey folks. My name is Scott. I'm 40 and hail from Staunton Virginia.

    I'm an artist, and a father of 3. I am into WAY too many hobbies and interests, to include vintage obsolete tech, retro video games, hand tooled leather working, old auto and motorcycles.

    Fairly new to the "vintage" computer thing. My first system was a Tandy RadioShack TRS-80 CoCo2. Next was a Packard Bell Multimedia tower in 1995 with WIN95. I've recently gotten bitten by the vintage computing and game collecting bug. I hit thrift stores and estate sales to find my bargains. Recently picked up my first 486 machine, a Gateway 2000 4DX2-66.

    Hope to learn a lot here and share my random adventures in old stuff.

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    Welcome. We're glad you're here.
    Rick Ethridge

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