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Thread: 8008 and Z80 ICEs

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    Default 8008 and Z80 ICEs

    Hi all

    I've just completed re-engineering Bob Grieb's Tauntek 8080-ICE as he doesn't make them any more:


    ICE ICE baby.jpg

    I've got permission to offer these, so is there any interest in this board or the Z80-ICE (which I plan to do next)?


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    Yes on the Z80 board. Nice work, by the way.
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    Jon -

    Nice work! I arranged a run of the original boards a while back. Unfortunately sourcing the original CPLD was difficult.

    I've had occasional requests from folks about availability, so I'm sure there will be interest.

    - Gary

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    Are not the XC9536's hard to get now they have been OOP for quite a few years? Do you plan on redesigning it to remove the obsolete parts?

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    It was redesigned to take the 3.3v variant - 9536XL. There's a jumper onboard to set the CPLD voltage. The one pictured uses the PC44 package (socketed). It works with the 5v and 3.3v part. This means you can use whatever is available. The only fly in the ointment is that there are glitches with the MD and MT commands. I'm looking into it. Otherwise, it works fine.

    To redesign for a newer CPLD would take a lot longer, because I'd have to learn more about CPLDs. But that doesn't seem necessary because I can still order the 3.3v CPLD in an SMT package from Farnell. So a board that can use these chips is do-able, at least for the time being.
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    I'm interested in the Z80ICE (one or possibly 2).



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