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Thread: 8008 and Z80 ICEs

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    @BloodyCactus: It just works.. The official level of a TTL "High" signal (according to Wikipedia) is from 2.0v - Vcc (5v), so a 3.3v high level would count as a 1 when read by a TTL IC. The CPLD only has to drive the first input signal of a TTL device; all ongoing signals would be at 5v. What is more important is the signals coming into the CPLD. If its (input) pins are not 5v tolerant there will be damage, but the part I am using (XC9536XL) is 5v tolerant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glitch View Post
    I'd be interested in one of each. Thanks for reviving this project!

    I was over-excited to see "8008" in the title -- perhaps a moderator can correct that?
    Yep, ditto on that
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    Do you have any ice boards fore sale, and if so how much are they?

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