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Thread: Building and Altair 8800 from Scratch in 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawsoca View Post
    Hello Jim, if you need an assembly manual for the Altair board, Dave's Old Computer's Website has one for download. As to the parts you are looking for...
    > Charles
    Thanks, Charles. I'll start a Bill Of Materials sheet and share it when complete. Those part numbers help.

    <*> Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
    Perhaps I'll have to build both 8080 and Z80 S100 boards to play with both unless someone has a dual board (not likely I'm guessing!)
    I've seen a Z80 -> 8080 adapter in a SOL-20 before A Z80 board will do pretty much everything the 8080 CPU board will, except for a few edge cases it's a drop-in replacement.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawsoca View Post
    *Note: Mouser has many incorrect Images for parts they sell
    read the descriptions or look at Data Sheets
    Especially true of their Molex connector selection! Much of the KK-100 (KK-254 now) and KK-156 (KK-396 now) have generic images of Molex-looking connectors. I usually use the Molex catalog and search the Molex numbers on Mouser.

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    Default Altair 8800c build

    Hi all,
    I have just completed my build of my 8800c so I have some pics for anyone interested. Since the replica Altair CPU board I built has some issues that I need to investigate, I installed a spare Byt-8 MPU board in it's place. I had to make a small adapter cable to connect the DIP socket on the MPU board to the molex header on the front panel interface board. The only other issue that I had was top cover clearance due the backplane standoffish I used. Due to their high profile, I had to remove the cable retaining clips on the 2SIOP and I will have to trim the top of the PC server cable on the FDC+ so the cover will slide on. I have not done any extensive testing yet but I have verified all front panel operations.

    More pictures of the results can be seen at the link below as I didn't want to clog up the thread with unwanted images.



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    Looking good!

    Regarding the MITS CPU board, it’s not unusual to have to tweak the resistor in one or both of the one shots used in the clock circuit. The most commonly incorrect parameter is too short a period from the falling edge of phi2 to the rising edge of phi1.



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