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Thread: Building and Altair 8800 from Scratch in 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
    Do you know if there is a pinout for the serial port on the FDC+ ? Is the protocol documented anywhere? If I put one of these together, I would love to make an internal module that put disk images on a sdcard.
    The serial port is wired as DCE on a male DB-25, transmit, receive, and ground only. The protocol used is pretty simple. I know at least one other hobbyist has written their own compatible server that he runs on a BeagleBone. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you some info about the protocol. deramp5113 followed by ASCII 0x40 followed by the Yahoo domain name.

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    Sorry - the high speed serial port cable terminates in a female DB-25, not male.


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    Hi Alan,
    I know what you meant regarding cost but it took some time to put together the costs.

    My cost was about $1000. The breakdown goes like this:

    Case, front panel/interface board set & shipping $404
    Set of switches $75
    Replica CPU board & CPU parts kit $125
    FDC+ board $160
    2SIOP board $132
    Qty 2 Mean Well RS-50-15 PS 15v 3.4A $30
    Mean Well S-150-7.5 PS 7.5v 20A $45
    LEDs spec'ed for the front panel $20

    The total comes out to $991.

    I do have a large parts stash collected over 40 years so I had most of the 74LS chips & other parts required to build the front panel & interface board. I bought a parts kit for the replica CPU board because it had a close approximation of the vintage parts originally used.

    Quote Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
    Also Jeff, if you don't mind me asking, how much is your total investment in putting everything together?

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    Thanks Jeff -I appreciate it!

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    I have piiceon 65k supermemory boards on ebay


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