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Thread: Everex Step Megacube 486/33 Elsa

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    Question Everex Step Megacube 486/33 Elsa

    I got this from a estate sale and was wondering if I could get a ballpark price for it from someone here please. I cant find any info or pricing about this thing. It started up fine but it says BMEM ERR. After opening the side I see there is no memory installed on the motherboard. This thing was used maybe Once. It is in brand new condition with all original papers, programs, packing boxes. Comes with mouse and keyboard also brand new. It is VERY clean inside and out.

    Any info on price I would be very greatful. Thanks!

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    I think that to the right person, it could be worth some money, but finding said person would be nearly impossible. So given that it seems to be a highly specialized 486, with all it's documents and software, but does not actually post (missing RAM, which is going to be hard to find) I'd guess it would sell for something in the area of $150 (which seems to be more or less the going rate of 486 systems on E-Bay). Shipping would be an issue, as it looks to be bulky and heavy.

    Basically you have a machine that is so specialized and rare that it might end up being worthless, or at the very least impossible to actually sell for a decent chunk of money.

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    right. I got a quote from fedex ground for $130 from the furthest point possible. It weighs 88lbs or a bit over prolly. Thanks for the early info. Hopefully I can find some people interested.

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    Looks like a pretty sweet system.
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    SaladShooter007, shipping is going to be a bear--the price is not out of line with what common carriers are charging nowadays--in fact, it's a bit on the cheap side.

    If you post your location, you might find a local buyer. Money doesn't care about location.

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    just listed it to EBAY. Good luck to anyone interested. Thank you.

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    Nice final price. Congratz!
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