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Thread: For you monochrome lovers out there, which phosper do you prefer?

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    The first CRT terminal I used was my high school's ADM3 hooked to an Altair 8800a. It had a bluish white phosphor. My own first computer was an Atari 400 hooked to a B&W TV, so white is most nostalgic for me.

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    I love using the amber phosphor screen on my Olivetti M24. I have a green one as well which is great; but I always find myself using the amber one more often.... That being said I would also like to try a blue-white phosphor screen; they exist but I've never seen one for sale anywhere near me.

    For me monochrome is more of a nostalgia thing. I remember playing with an M24 back in the day with monochrome; so I enjoy doing it now. All my other machines run CGA/EGA/VGA for the same reason; that's what I identify with as I used it 'back in the day'.
    System 80 Expansion Interface located! Thanks to all who helped out and the good people in the NZ vintage computer forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Holden View Post
    In a monochrome CRT, the resolution is only limited by the size of the focused beam and the frequency response of the video amplifier & output stage driving the gun. The amber monitor in a 5155 has a very small spot size and the video output stage is good to over 8MHz bandwidth (monochrome TV video output stages are generally good to 4 to 5MHz). As a result the image on the amber CRT is as sharp as a tac and exceeds the resolution of a shadow mask limited color CRT. In fact because the response is so good, it is a disadvantage to feed the IBM5155's monitor (or any monochrome monitor) with a composite color signal. The color sub-carrier interferes with the resolution and produces a patterning that is better not there. This can be fixed by disconnecting the sub-carrier signal mixing resistor on the CGA card, or by not using the sub-carrier on a feature adapter when using an EGA card in the 5155
    That's interesting. Have you done this on a 5155? I think I'll try it with mine. I was never quite satisfied with the 5155 display.

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    Amber, with green a close second, for text only scenarios. To me it also depends on the machine, especially it's color. I appreciate the aesthetics of vintage computers, so the colors need to be complementary for me to properly enjoy using them.

    If it's a machine that can render graphics, then I prefer white.


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