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Thread: WTB: EGA monitor

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    Default WTB: EGA monitor

    Looking for an EGA compatible monitor. Shipping is OK but would prefer local pickup around Sonoma County CA. Thanks.

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    They're hard to find and relatively expensive.

    A good multisync will do the job nicely and is way more versatile (and probably less expensive).
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    Or you could get one of these.
    I have built and sold a bunch of the previous version of this device and can say that it works GREAT! Check out the YouTube video review by LGR on the page that I linked. I recommend the ready to run version with the enclosure, not the DIY version because you would need to buy the FPGA board to go with it. Not cheap, but probably cheaper than a vintage monitor and more durable to. I use mine with a cheap LCD monitor that I bought at Good Will for 15 bucks!!



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