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Thread: Shared Memory Location: 3C503 Network Card

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    Default Shared Memory Location: 3C503 Network Card

    Hi, I have a 3C503-16-TP ISA Network Card (Etherlink II/16TP) and I am trying to find and use the shared memory space on the card in a 5150 PC. The card has a 16K boot ROM socket with selectable addresses (C8000, CC000, D8000 and DC000). The ROM socket is empty. I've read that this card has 8K of shared memory space that I would like to address and use for other purposes as part of my BIOS replacement project. So far I am not finding any useable memory after setting the jumper to D8000 and looking all the way up to E0000 using Debug. BTW: I have the "Data Mode" jumper set to 8, and the I/O jumper set to 300. Possibly I have to send an initialization command to a register? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks. Michael

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    The ram is internal to the card as far as I know 8bit 3C503 cards have 8kb, 16bit 3C503 cards have 16kb.
    It needs to be 'activated' by packetdriver / io command to make it read/writeable, by default its not in r/w mode, its RO.

    on mine, once active it appears at DC00, where the jumper select has it.

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