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Thread: Commax Excell lt-386sx - missing file

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    Here's BC++2.0 documentation: (int86 function)


    BC++3.1 is what I use often, it has online help. You type int86, cursor on it, CTRL-F1. The same text as on the linked page to BC2.

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    Instead of doing real work I figured I could write the int10 test program for you. So here it is, lovingly compiled on a Toshiba T1200.

    Includes the resulting executable and source. I tested it by moving cursor (input 2,0,0,0) and it worked.

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    The first attempt worked.

    the matter is actually quite simple.

    REGS ( defined in dos.h ) is 2 element struct of structs contains references to procesor registers.
    int86() passes (via inregs) the value of the interrupt call (10h) to the registers and in this case, does not return anything needed.

    AL register has 2 states possible.

    that's it.

    Many thanks to stecdose for valuable links and information.

    Ps. borland c++ 2.0 on this machine gives advice.

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    Attachment 49354

    #include <dos.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    main( )
    	union REGS inregs, outregs;
    	int a;
    	printf( "i - internal LCD\ne - external monitor\nq - quit\n" );
    	do a = getch();
    	while ( a != 'i' && a != 'e' && a != 'q' );
    	if ( a != 'q' )
    		if ( a == 'i' ) = 0x00;
    		else = 0x01;
    		inregs.h.ah = 0x12; = 0x92;
    		int86(0x10, &inregs, &outregs);
    	return 0;
    Indeed quire simple. REGS is a struct of 2 struct (defined in dos.h ) containing values ​​that reference processor registers. Int86() passes these objects as parameters of the interrupt call(inregs). In this case, the register values ​​after the interrupt call are not significant.
    AL register contains 2 possible states
    And that's it.

    Many thanks to stecdose for valuable links and information.
    In attachement bin + source ( Maybe someone will use it )
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I am glad this worked for you

    And like you discovered, it is actually quite simple

    The font looks very special to me. I am on a project to collect Video-ROMs and extract fonts. I would be happy if you could dump your video rom and send it over.

    Here's the link to my project (already >200 extracted fonts, bin, c-header and generated images available):

    I have attached "Rom Extension Extractor" here in this post + pascal source to dump ROMs.


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