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Thread: Any tips on modifying Mac beige/Snow White cases?

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    Default Any tips on modifying Mac beige/Snow White cases?

    I have no specifics yet. But generally, I'd like to modify some Mac 68K cases. Particularly, if anyone has experience plugging large slots and holes. Does bondo work well in these situations? Maybe cut a piece of pre-punched perfboard that fits the slot, use JB Weld to glue the piece, sand, and then bondo the remainder cracks for a smooth surface. I've never used bondo before. Any tips would be great!

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    3D-printed filler plates/plugs are probably your best bet here.

    Bondo is carcinogenic, so be careful if you go that route. In particular, be very careful of the dust from sanding. Wear a good filter mask and clean the area thoroughly afterwards.

    Finally, this kind of goes without saying but I'll say it anyway for the benefit of future readers: avoid irreversible case mods on rare working machines. Personally I'd avoid it on anything rare, working or not. For some of these machines there are very few surviving/working examples left.

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    I routinely use blank single-sided FR4 PCB stock to fill case holes and even make my own panels. It's inexpensive and provides a nice shield. Just be aware that FR4 eats non-carbide drill bits, so be prepared to resharpen HSS ones periodically. It also takes paint well.


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