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Thread: PB100 hard drive having trouble spinning up

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    Default PB100 hard drive having trouble spinning up

    I have an old PB100 that for the most part works fairly well, but as i don't use it often it sits for long periods. This time after trying to wake it up, I've been presented with a situation where the drive makes lots of ticking sounds, like the heads are seeking, but the motor is not spinning up. You'll hear it 'whoosh' every now and again as it tries. A few times, it actually has spun up, and I've been able to boot the machine.. but then it spins down again and goes back to clicking.

    I'm wondering if this is fixable and/or what my best strategy is.. ie. just leave it running if I get it to spin up again? Leave it running even if I don't?

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    Most of those drives are fixable (more than the average bigger, desktop unit)

    Not a 100% fix, but you can have a try:

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    Yup - I can vouch this works.


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