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Thread: Bill Godbout

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    I'm familiar with the part of Florida I'm moving to. My mother lives there, she's never even lost power through all the hurricanes. She took me out to see local hurricane damage after Andrew--a corner of one house's garage had come loose, and apparently a bit more on the other side had done so and let some water in.

    Compared to having the entire community burned out at a go, it's nothing. Even compared to the evacuations I've gone through, and the smoke when we're not evacuated, I know whereof I speak.

    There are disasters everywhere, and there's no Solla Sollew. But what I'm trading for is a whole different level of risk than staying here in the foothills where fuels all around me are uncontrolled and I'm just a short way from an interstate on one side and public campgrounds on the other.
    Mark, W8BIT


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