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Thread: Hello from The Netherlands

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    Default Hello from The Netherlands


    Having read once and a while some threads on this forum, it was obvious I needed to become a member too.

    My collection :
    PDP-11/34 with RL02, TU80, DX11, RX02 and a RK07
    PDP-11/70 with TU56, RK05, RL02 and a PC05
    ASR33, KSR35, DecPrinter-I, DecWriter III, VT100, VT101 and a VT125
    NCR cardpunch

    I also had a 11/84, MVII, 11/24 and a 11/35. Space issues made me decide to have that
    shifted to other parties for further life.



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    Hi Ed, that sound like a nice collection!
    How long are you collecting Dec stuff now?

    (Mocht het je passen zou ik dat moois wel eens van
    dichtbij willen bekijken. Ik zit in Zwolle, geen wereld afstand.)

    WTB: Dec TU56 / Case for Altair 8800 ...... Rolands Github projects

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    I have been collecting PDP-11 since 2001. My collection is much less now, I had a big cleanup/reduction a few years ago, so
    the collection is smaller now, bust still interesting.

    En Zwolle is niet ver, je kan zeker een keer langskomen.



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    Welkom Edje Kadetje! Mooie verzameling zo te lezen!


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