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Thread: Hello from Tucson Arizona

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    Default Hello from Tucson Arizona

    Hello! I built my first computer, an 8008, from the plans in Radio Electronics (or was it Popular Electronics?) back around '75 or '76.
    Just recently, a dark and dusty corner of the building I work in at the UNiversity of Arizona coughed up one of the S-100 computers I built in the late 70s for doing laboratory control and data acquisition. Someone had scarfed the power supply, but I bet a couple of cheap switchers would handle running it just fine. I even found the code listing for what is (hopefully) still in the EPROMs.
    At some point I will be out looking for a 5.25" floppy drive or some kind of emulator that will allow me to fire up CP/M and write some new code for it.

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    Welcome! Very cool looking computer there. I'm in Colorado, so you're actually one of the closest forum members I've seen yet!

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    Welcome to VCFED - from a member 'across the pond' .

    A couple of switch mode power supplies and you should be good to go...

    If you are looking for a software emulator - simh is one of the best around...


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