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    My Name is Jim Edwards. I am a retired NASA employee. Actually, United Space Alliance (USA) Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center, FL. I am an ex-pat now living in he Philippines. I collect and try to repair and restore vintage computers as a hobby. I brought with me an Oborne Executive II from Florida, it was working there but when I turned it on here the power supply smoked. I would like to repair the PSU but need a schematic. I was told I might find one here. Can you link me up with it?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jim Edwards
    Iloilo, Philippines

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    What line voltage do they have in the Philippines. You need to know that the line regulation there is not what you'd expect in the US. When I was in the Azores, I had a adjustable auto transformer that I used to keep the voltage in a reasonable range. Different times of the day the line voltage could be as low as 140V to as high as 280V. It was suppose to be 240V. I don't think it is quite that bad in the Philippines but I do think it is something that needs to be watched.

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    It may be similar the the Vixen, at:


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