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Thread: Is my DOS lacking a setver?

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    Default Is my DOS lacking a setver?

    I've recently acuired a retro PC running DOS 5 or 6 (not sure, most likely 6) with norton commander installed. When I try using setver.exe nothing happens (I'll post more details shortly). Whats more, I couldn't find any file called "setver" on my disc. Is it possible that it's missing and is there a way to fix it?

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    Doesn't it have to be loaded into the config.sys?

    EDIT: oh you missing the EXE. I'm sure you could find in online somewhere and add it.
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    previous owners probably deleted it. you can buy DOS off ebay and reinstall it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike__ View Post
    I've recently acuired a retro PC running DOS 5 or 6 (not sure, most likely 6) with norton commander installed.
    Type "ver" at the command line and it'll tell you what version you are running. From there, you need to locate the missing file. Though if setver is missing, you might also be missing other things, so getting a full copy of DOS and installing it maybe the best way to go.

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    Since not all DOS versions have a SETVER I use one that is not DOS dependant. KISS

    You can put it in a BAT file to run a specific DOS program that requires a different DOS version than the one you are running and then unload it after the program has been run.

    It's called DOSVER and it runs from the command line.
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