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Thread: new french owner of Osborne 1 troubleshooting

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    Default new french owner of Osborne 1 troubleshooting

    Hello I just bought an Osborne 1 220V version 1.43

    Without the keyboard unplugged the screen is good.

    With the keyboard plugged the screen blinking and enter key not working.

    It have a custom button I don't know his function (picture attached)
    osborne 1 custom button.jpg

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    That looks like a key is stuck down. One big problem Osbornes are known for is their keyboards breaking down over time because of the foam used. You'll need to open it up for an examination. - UK home computer history
    Where RIFA capacitors come to die

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    The left tablecloth of my keyboard is dead

    My complete gallery

    Here's how it should be:

    Complete gallery of Pyre Link

    I found the connector pins and the keyboard matrix here:

    The contributor of the page David Knoll had to make an adapter to connect PS / 2 keyboard to the osborne, but I did not get to contact him.
    I'm intending to build a PS/2 keyboard adapter using an ATtiny and a bunch of 74LS374's, as my keyboard was busted when I got it (eBay bargain).
    May be a track:


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