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Thread: Page Salad

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    Default Page Salad

    That's the term I'm using for content-less spam sites from now on.

    It seems like even searching Google for terms that should be common or the top result on some specific web site just return dozens of sites full of page salad.

    That is just semi-random content copied and pasted from other sites. Often the page that comes up doesn't even have the keyword shown in Google's preview snippit!

    The really sad thing is every rare now these heaps of page salad actually may give me some little detail I was looking for... but where is the original site this stuff came from? I'm not even talking just about old/vintage content but recent things. For example a new term on my health unsurance (typo, but I think I found another new term :P ), the provider's site should have been the top hit but, no, probably a hundred page salad sites and the provider's site didn't even show up in the results.

    On top of that, Google seems to be getting worse at matching approximate results. If I were to title this thread "The Page Salad" and then just search for "Page Salad" it probably would not be in the results at all, even if this was the number one most popular page on the Internet about Page Salad. Hu?

    (BTW, the term comes from Word Salad: )

    I still miss :P

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    The problem is that there is more garbage and copycat pages out there. Last week, I was looking for a specific bit of technical information. I received over 50 hits on my carefully-worded query. Every single one of the referenced pages had the identical text, which, by the way, didn't answer my question. The odd thing was that the format and presentation of the text was different in each case, but the literal content was the same. I finally found a Russian page that, when translated, answered my question.

    The more irritating thing are the "clickbait" pages that claim to have information, but don't--they simply take common query terms and toss them onto a single page.

    Altavista, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek, Web Crawler were pretty good in their day, but they'd be overwhelmed by the garbage today. I do, however, use Yandex when Google throws a bunch of trash at me.


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